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Helping Out

How you can help the senior center


The Warren County Senior Center is both a non-profit organization and a charitable organization.  Therefore, any donation of time or money made to the center should qualify as a legitimate tax deduction.  (Consult your tax professional for details)

Tax receipts for donations are available on request.

Check donations can be made payable to Warren County Senior Center.

Volunteer Drivers

Our Home-Delvered meals program run by the Senior Center delivers meals on weekdays to our homebound clients. The only way for us to deliver these meals is through volunteer drivers. If you wish to become a volunteer driver or here more information about delivering meals to our area homebound, come visit us at the Senior Center, 501 Ashland Ave. in Warrenton, MO, or you can call or email us.

Tasks of drivers

  • Drivers will drive one of our meal delivery routes
  • There is an average of 8 clients per route
  • Drivers can drive weekly, monthly or share a route with a group
  • The routes are all located within Warren County
  • Drivers deliver a packaged meal which includes a main course, 2 sides, bread, and milk to the homebound client listed


Hostess or Hosts

Our Center serves a meal every weekday to our congregated population. Those that come in and eat must sign in and may make a contribution at the door. The hostess or host is responsible for keeping track of the sign in sheet, so everyone who gets a meal signs in, and making change for those who contribute. The hostess or host also counts the contribution money and totals out the money box with the secretary at the end of the lunch period which is around 12:30 pm. Hostesses or hosts may work anywhere from once a week to once a month.

Kitchen Volunteers

Volunteers in the kitchen help prep the food for the days lunch, help pack up meals for routes, help serve and help with cleanup after lunch. the hours are usally 9:00 - 1:00. Kitchen help is needed anywhere from once a week to once or twice a month.

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