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Our Mission

Here at the Warren County Senior Center we strive to:

  • Assist the elderly in maintaining and/or improving independence
  • Minimize or if possible eliminate the need for institutional care
  • Safeguard against potential abuse or neglect by providing friendship, education and nutritionally balanced, hot meals.

A time to enjoy life slowly.

Our staff provides these services, which are available to all senior citizens in Warren County. The Warren County Senior Center is both a non-profit organization and a charitable organization.







Our Story

The Warren County Senior Center has been providing quality meals and helpful service to senior citizens since 1974. We are governed by a nine member board and each member is elected to a three year term. We prepare and serve a delicious, hot meal every weekday at our center. For our clients who are homebound we deliver their meals to them daily.

Is this a "Free Lunch"?

"There's no such thing as a free meal." Each meal prepared cost our center $8.00. You will be asked to make a contribution. However, the amount you contribute is strictly confidential and entirely up to you. You will never be refused a meal even if you cannot contribute.

  • $4.00 per meal is the suggested contribution for those 60 years and older that eat in our center. A $4.00 suggested donation per meal is asked of home-delivered clients.
  • If you are a guest under 60, you must pay $8.00 per meal, unless your spouse is over 60.
  • Remember, (for those over 60) we cannot deny you a meal based on your inability to pay. We just ask that you contribute what you can.


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